- The original story is divided into three independent chapters with their own climatic story

- Timeline covers serveral months and the game world will visibly change in that time 

- The acting characters have their own personality and background. They "live their own
   life" while the storyline proceeds.

- Mission design is based on story background. We avoid generic quests. Every quest has
   its own unique story to give variation and depth.

- Soft skills like diplomacy are fully supported and give additional options.

- We've cancelled multiplayer support and concentrate in the creation of a realistic single-
  player based game world with many details.

- The player will have the option to lead groups of 6 NPCs into epic battles with large
   numbers of opponents.

- We've got plans for full VO support but this takes time and will be added when all chapters
  are done. We will also include movies and a game manual to the final version.

- Calculated developement time is about one year. We hope to be done 2007.
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